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Was ist unser Ziel?

Main goal and activities of the organization

The Association for Intercultural Work and German Language Development e.V. is an NGO active in the promotion of language, intercultural education for German schools and kindergartens and parents support in learning German as a second language.


The work within the NGO is mainly executed by the five board members. Approximately 20 people are employed for the various projects that are run by the club. This includes consultants, course instructors, state-recognised nursery teachers and social education workers, German language specialists, linguists and a trained speech therapist. The team is supported by volunteers who are reading assistants for the reader’s club.

History of our NGO

Unser Team

Since it was founded in March 2007, the NGO has offered German lessons for many international families in our region. On one side, German Language Workshops for children between the ages of 2 and 10 in age- and language-dependent groups. On the other side, since 2010, our NGO has also offered accompanying support for parents in the areas of multilingualism, German language promotion and the importance of the native language. In January 2011, on behalf of the Intercultural Office of the City of Darmstadt, the NGO took on the project management of two-parent projects – “Mom Learns German” and “Discussions for Parents in Schools and Day Care Centers”. Later, starting in August 2011, as part of a cooperation with the Darmstadt Intercultural Bureau, the club undertook the project “Big and Strong – Social Competences in the Transition from Kindergarten to School”. In 2012, the club took over the coordination of the same parent training in several native languages in Darmstadt.

The projects that the club is involved in address both the international community in our region as well as teachers and social workers. The project team is particularly committed to the development of welcome culture within educational institutions and positive approach toward multiculturalism.

In the first ten years of the NGO‘s work, the association funded 1500 children. The pedagogical objective of the Association for Intercultural Work and German Language Development e.V., with regards to multilingual children, is to achieve:

The club projects are conducted in several groups: Parents, children and educational organizations in Darmstadt and Griesheim. As a matter of interest for the international community in the region, we are a nonprofit organization. In the first ten years of the association's work, we have supported 1000 children and families through our projects.

  • the improvement of the educational opportunities of these children
  • a promising at school entry
  • a positive development of their self-image and self-esteem
  • incitement of communication and joy of life
  • facilitate the development of their multicultural identity
  • the children seeing their bilingualism as an advantage
  • the children being better able to cope with their multilingual everyday life
  • development and support of mothers as much as possible in their talents, their capacity
    and their motivation
  • strengthening migrant parents, to work and live without discrimination


  • To offer pedagogically valuable, holistic language support
  • To create space for life experiences in the new home
  • To open up multi-lingual learning worlds for the children
  • To support parents in their educational tasks as part of integration programs and to strengthen them in their parental competences

Partner, network

Our partners are first and foremost the international families themselves. Then come:

  • the kindergartens, where the migrant children are on the waiting lists
  • the elementary schools which have children with lack of German language skills in entrance levels, pre-school classes or first grades
  • the local paediatricians who have direct contact with the families and who find serious lack of German language skills in children
  • the national organizations of migrants in the aria MSOs
  • the office for newly arrived families at the school office
  • the intercultural office of the City of Science of Darmstadt
  • the Social Ministry of the federal state of Hessen, through the project “Language Support Measures in Kindergarten Age for Migrant Children”

Involvement of migrants in the project

All children who participate in the project have an international background. The persons involved in the project, the coordinator and the group leaders, for the most part, also have intercultural experiences.

Public relations

We are very pleased that our German Language Workshop together with the parent training has received a positive response from the local media, especially print media. Our aim would be to use the alternative methods of language promotion to arouse interest in regional media and radio and television broadcasters.

Viasd team 2019.

That's us, Bojana behind the camera, working and preparing for the year 2019.

Bojana Knezevic


I started my professional career at 22 as a German Teacher. I love teaching ever since and deep in my heart I am convinced, that only passionate learners can make the world a better place.

Further in biography, I have studied Intercultural Communication, EU Politics and International Organization Studies. Today I work as Cultural Sensitivity Trainer and Speaker. It was, however, my becoming a mother of two multilingual children, that gave me the idea of founding this NGO, so I can support the intercultural community in my town and help foreign children learn better German for a good school start.

In VIASD e.V. I take care of the projects fundraising and public affairs.

Bojana Knezevic


Expert teacher for German as a second language, German, Serbian and in a process of learning English.

My own experiences and the ones I had with the bilingual education of my daughter have helped me to better understand the families coping with the same situation. This is the reason why I am an excellent support in the better knowledge of the German language.

Bojana Knezevic


Expert teacher for German as a second language, speaks German, Serbian and in a process of learning Russian.

Working with children is fun and enjoyable for me, I enjoy supporting you in the process of learning the German language. Since my family also has a migrant background and our son as well grew up as a bilingual child, I can very well understand how important good language skills are.

Bojana Knezevic


I always loved nature and science, so I became a Food Engineer. In my profession, I followed the already known pattern.

But, then I moved to Germany and learned one great thought from Tom Hiddleston: - We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one. Supporting foreign children in Darmstadt to achieve great goals in their lives became my preoccupation. My role in Deutschwerkstatt is to make sciences meet German, I am a supporting teacher in the pre- and primary school group.

Being math expert among German teachers in VIASD NGO I take care of the bills, excels and expenses.

Bojana Knezevic



Bojana Knezevic


Bojana Knezevic


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