German Language Workshop

How exactly do we work in German Workshop?

The nouns, verbs, adjectives and prepositions – each in their own way pose particular difficulties for children in acquiring the German language:

  • the nouns with their grammatical gender, the plural and the four cases
  • the verbs with their personal nouns and tenses
  • the adjectives with the declination and comparison
  • the prepositions with their meaning and the corresponding word group

No less complex is the sentence structure with its pitfalls – the position of the verbs, the negatives and all other tricks that have to be mastered, for a communication in everyday life. After that comes the pronunciation etc.

All these things we playfully practice with the children through music, crafts and dancing, focused on positive feedback and correct repetition.

German Language Workshop or how we build on strengths

What are our strengths? Our languages.

What makes us stand out? The many languages that we speak, learn and master every day.

Start: 2007

What do the children say?

Who are we? Although the topic has been discussed often lately, we claim that our target group has not come into focus yet. We are tackling a very current issue in a young, dynamic and forward-looking manner.

Our initiator: Bojana Knezevic, chairman of the association, Specialist in German Studies with an MA in Intercultural Communication, mother of two multilingual children and facilitator of many multilingual children in Darmstadt and surroundings.

Our supporters: We received great encouragement to start this work and to finding an association from today’s head of the department of Intercultural and International Affairs of the City of Darmstadt – Frau Dr Latorre.

Further cooperating partners:

  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration of the federal state of Hessen
  • City of Griesheim
  • Lot of paediatricians in Darmstadt
  • Several kindergartens and elementary schools in Darmstadt

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