Zdravo Bojana,
Htela sam da ti se puno zahvalim na svemu, Tara je konacno propricala nemacki i u vrticu i van njega. Stvarno smo jako srecni zbog toga, mislim da joj je puno znacilo sto je krenula kod vas na kurs, shvatila je konacno da i ona ipak moze da prica 🙂 nema tremu uopste. Isli smo prosle nedelje na sistematski za skolu i sve je proslo super. Hvala  🍀


Maryam has obviously improved in her German since joining the club. The teachers are very kind, understanding and professional and provide the kids with the perfect environment to learn and improve their language skills in a fun and exciting way.


Report on German Workshop

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to your support, in 2013 we were able to successfully continue to present the “German Language Workshop” to 10 children with little German language skills.

Kinderhaus mittendrin

5 stars! This program deserves 5 stars! The teachers are so well prepared, educated, and knowledgeable about how to effectively teach children the German language. The class is a place where children who do not necessarily fit in in their foreign surrounding can connect with others in a similar situation. The kids do not even realize they are learning because of how the class is organized and well-managed.  Our children have learned so much German since they started this class 8 months ago. They can practice in kindergarten, but the proper grammar is reinforced in this class. We could not be happier and are so grateful for this program. 

Emily Krueger

Six femmes fatales and the beautiful families whose life they touched

Something different and very fulfilling to work on – Catalog shooting of six beautiful women in every way, for their project of helping families integration in Germany. Such a pleasure to finish the session with the children and their mothers who were happy to share warm words about the program.

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