Hes after whoever killed Kasmin, right? Berren tried not to say anything but his face must have spoken for him. Kol nodded. Thought so. Been doing some digging around that myself. Not sure he should be the one telling you about getting their fingers burned. Hes stalking a sea-captainfrom Kalda who calls himself the Headsman, right? Again, Berrens face must have given him away. Kelms Teeth, boy, remind me not to trust you with any ofmy secrets its like reading a bloody book. Anyway, that warehouse where you had your little fracas, I looked into that. The Headsmans renting a part of it. You know who else rents a space there? Saffran Kuy. The warlock. Differin And tomorrow begins the Festival of Flames. Finally. Sit. Have a drink.


We are a team of qualified professional language teachers, consultants and social workers.

We offer parents meetings and consulting on the matters of integration in Germany. We also organize courses to improve the acquisition of German as a second language. The groups are small (8 – 10 participants) and the teaching method is based on modern linguistics and recent research in learning. We support the learning of German and the understanding of the language through integrated methods.

We want to: facilitate the integration of international families in the region; support their chidren’s successful education; assist their job search within the Rhein-Main-Neckar area, and their social participation in the new country.

We offer advice and support on learning German as a second language and intercultural matters for teachers in childcare centres, kindergartens and primary schools. 


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